"हम बनाते हैं आप के विजय की रणनीति"

                                                        Benefits Of Website in Politics?

·         Present your political convictions

·         Photo and video gallery of Major events and achievements

·         Present your party and its members

·         Blog and newsletters Updates

·         Events calendar management

·         Contact page and subscriptions For Voters

How website may Enhance Your Online Visibility?

Here are six simple ways to improve your online visibility.

·         Learn proper on-page optimization.

·         Publish regular blog content.

·         Get active on a few social media networks.

·         Run targeted Facebook ads.

·         Guest blog on relevant websites.

·         Encourage your customers to leave online reviews.

Fully Mobile Responsive Website

A mobile responsive website is one that is developed and optimized so that each user can get a good user experience from the site despite the types of mobile devices they use. The mobile responsive website is determined by some of the important features listed below.

·         Easy navigation on mobile responsive website pages.

·         Site elements are designed to simplify the use of the site.

·         Content modified according to mobile consumption.

·         Click to call functionality added to the site.

·         Addresses are provided to help users use a map of mobile devices.

·         Simple form or email functionality added to the site for a call to action.


What does a website do for Politics?

Politician website is a form of political marketing that shares all the important information about you and what you are doing. That’s why people can develop a more personal relationship with you. At this time, the Political website helps people to maintain trust by informing people about the events happening in their local government. In addition, the website mentions various methods for dissemination in elections. There are three reasons that a website in politics is necessary for local politicians.

·         Keeps community up to speed

·         Allows people to join you

·         Establish your expert 

Bottom of Form

Documentary Service

·         Create Local Issues Video in Area.

·         Making Short Video in all Rallies and meetings.

·       Achievments and aims

·       Manifesto Projection

·       Field of work

·       Provide documentary with 4K U-HD Quality


Why We Offer Documentary Service in Political Promotions?

How Voters Can reach you out through Social Media Channels?

We all know that nowadays all social media use is very high. And there are lots of channels of social media through which voters can reach you easily. If you use any social media platform and voters have followed you on that channel. So you will get daily activities from all the voters through social media and they will be able to reach you easily.



Videos have More Engagement Rate over any other type of Content

In essence, the video brings together two things that attract our attention as if nothing else: movement and noise. Both of these features play an important role in delivering an efficient message. As opposed to, text depends on a specific choice of words, punctuation, and visual signals (i.e. emojias) to set the desired tone. Our brain loves the video because it has been programmed to keep visual content better than a page filled with words.

Have direct impact on your Online Reputation?

If any political leader makes any type of video and uploads it to social media, then this video has a very good effect on your image. Because this video is designed to make you speak to the public, and the more people see this video, there is a positive effect in your online reputation.

Bulk Services

Bulk SMS Marketing

·         Manage all Events, Rallies and Major Events Short Messages.

·         Generate your Bulk SMS Delivery Report.

·         Create Major Events Schedule Message.

·         Highly Effective SMS.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

·         By bulk whatsapp service can be reach your area maximum at a time.

·         Send Image, PDF, Video and Audio Messages for Any Events, Rallies, and Jansabha to maximum People.

·         Send recorded audio, Video, PDF, Tex messages to thousands of people.

·         Send Promotional Event Video SMS to maximum voters.

Voice Call Campaign

·         Call Scheduling

·         Automatic Dialer

·         Political Campaign Promotions

·         Vote Reminders

·         Event Notification & Meeting alerts

What Message Service is & How does it Works In Political Segment?

What is bulk SMS marketing?

Bulk SMS is such a platform, where you can send a million text at the same time, with a click of a button. It is used to make different types of news, information, products, services and brand of different people.

What is bulk text messaging?

Bulk text messaging is a medium through which you can easily access your meeting, rally or public information voters in your area. If you can not reach your voters’ information for some reason then bulk text message is the best tool. Nowadays, all leaders use bulk text messaging, which has a great impact on voters.

What are the Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

Here are 8 benefits you can leverage the power of SMS marketing to boost your Image.

·         Instant Deliverability

·         Flexible Platform

·         Send message instantly to voters

·         Campaign success visibility

·         Large Reach

·         Speed and Flexibility

·         Highly Targeted

·         Get your message on point

How messaging services enhance your exposure?

The messaging services help in maintaining your good image by reaching more voters in a short time. If you do not know the information about a program, then you can get the information of your program through messaging services. This will not negatively affect the public. Through this, people will reach you easily in less time.


Election Management Services

Promotional Material Management

·         Create Visiting Cards, Party Banners, Brochures, and more product for campaign

·         Flex for Political Leader

·         One way vision, Vinyl, Stickers, and Pump let for Clients.

·         To give further information to meeting through social media.

·         Manage Daily Meeting and Rallys promotional Events.

Gathering Management

·         Send Bulk SMS And Voice SMS for Scheduling Meeting, Jansabha and Rally to the public.

·         Arrange Meeting, Rally, Jansampark and any Promotional Events.

·         Manage Daily Meeting Routine.

Daily Routine Management

·         Collection of data on regular basis by field manager

·         Collect all photos and videos to upload in social media.

·         Make Short videos in Daily Meeting and Events.

·         Advanced Preparing Next meeting schedule.

·         Arrange daily meeting & promotional events.

·         Sharing daily meeting information to all the people

Personal Assistant Services

·         Collect daily Meeting and Events data by field manager.

·         Giving correct information to the next meeting and events.

·         Upload Events Images in Social Media with the attractive caption.

·         Create Daily Major events, Rally schedule in advanced.

·         Create cinematography on your life achievements.

·         Record personal video messages for any major event.

Live Broadcasting

Live Streaming Session

·         Sharing live events with your audience

·         Do short live interviews with leaders

·         Making all events, meeting and rally live video.

Facebook Live

·         Create live videos in any event such as Public Relations, Rally, and Meetings.

·         Update Facebook Live Video Caption on time.

·         Share FB live video in Facebook pages, groups and friends timeline.

·         Post your personal reaction to current events through Live Video.

YouTube Live

·         Chat Support 24*7

·         Message Auto Responder

How Live Broadcasting Can Boost Your Political Marketing Campaign?

What is live broadcasting?

Live Broadcasting also called a live transmission normally connects to different types of media that are without a significant delay. More types of Live Broadcasts include Live TV, Social Media Live Video, Live Radio and more.

What are the objectives of broadcasting?

The main aims of the broadcast are to inform, educate and entertain. In doing these tasks, broadcast organizations are guided by certain code, ethics and behavior. These are the dos and dons of the broadcast that cover the rights of the audience and protect them.

What is the purpose of broadcasting?

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What are the benefits of live streaming?

Here 4 benefits also provide from here:

·         Live streaming grows your audience

·         Live streaming reduces costs

·         Reduced costs mean increased revenues

·         Audience interaction

Aside from these benefits, live streaming provides a sense of excitement for your audience. The live stream itself is inherently about community. It makes your customers feel inclusive and exclusive simultaneously. There are many platforms for live streaming including Google+, Upstream, or Live stream.

Private Call Center (24*7) Support

Interaction with Voters

·         We will help in creating a political documentary film for the candidate

·         We will include aim and goals of the candidate in the political documentary

·         Field of work of the candidate will be shown in the political documentary


·         Regular photos of events candidate visits

·         More presentable photographs with high quality so that it should be more presentable

·         Photographs with other members and people of your constituency to make candidate popular

Manage all calling reports

Record and publish aim, goal, speech, announcement of gathering, rally over social media platform so that your voice and aims should reach to maximum numbers of people.

Expertise in voters turn-out

CDR files of banners, flex, pamphlets, press release and other printing support will be provided by us to make your life hassle free

Need of Call Centers In Politics

Why Need Call Centers In Politics?

This is an election year and politicians have been reaching the voters for a long time through different modes. Each election campaign call center plays a major role. Between political hopes, the call center is a century old tradition. Candidates can adopt various types of handcuffs to exclude words about themselves including canvassing, email and social media and mailing campaigns. In all these methods, they have the qualifications, but call centers play the important role of candidates in overall strategies.

What are the measurable goals?

Measurable goal means that when you reach your goal, you will recognize that you will see, hear and feel. This means that breaking your goal into measurable elements.

Benefits of Call Centers in Politics

Call centers play an important role in campaigning because the political party and leader are not able to reach the public in time. Because of this, they seek help from the call center and they are able to register their presence among the public. Call centers appeal to politicians to vote through call records. Along with this, the notification of public meetings, rallies, and other programs in elections is easily accessible to all the people of their area.

·         Read maximum voters in less time

·         Vote to appeal through IVR Call.

·         Sharing the information of Maha Jansabha, Rally, and Public Metting to the people.

Social Media Management

Provide Social media platform For all Major Websites along with linkdin, quora , mouthshut , etc. We Provide all these support along with Experience staff so that they can maximize the reach to people. Regular article writing and posting it on a regular basis so candidates thought must reach to people

Facebook -

·         Facebook is a very big platform in today’s Fast Growing World. All over India there are over 340 million Facebook users and among them 1/3rd  people visit Facebook on daily basis.

·         Paid promotion for boosting posts, videos, photographs and events.

·         Analyze the best time for sharing a post so that it can reach to targeted audience.

·         Photo album, wall posts so people can know about the regular curriculum.

·       We will create Facebook Page for the candidate

·       We will promote Facebook Page of candidate by means of boosting, sharing pages on different portals

·       Awareness Campaign about the works done by the candidate

·       Polls, feedback, surveys and contests over the social media platform itself

·       Hashtag promotion by choosing and posting appropriate hashtags trends

·       Posting regular post over the page walls

·       Images and video posting and boosting them so it reaches to maximum no of people

·       Local awareness campaign so that candidates and locals have a good bonding

·       Create groups and communities based on social campaign to maximize the reach

·       Analyze what time is best for sharing post so that it can reach to targeted audience

·       Campaign for social cause so it should have a positive impact on the society

·       Increasing brand value by increasing followers and popularity among users

·       Increase maximum number of follower so you can reach to maximum public

·       Messenger support so people can contact on easy basis

·       Photo album wall posts so people should know about the regular curriculum

·       Polls and quiz over Facebook so people should know things about candidates

·       Paid promotion for boosting posts, videos, photographs and events.




·         Tweets and Retwitts on each activity done by the candidate.

·         Increase followers through group, existing mails and specific tools for promoting it.

·         Keyword based tweets so it maximizes the impact over twitter platform.

·         Profile content writing so it present well in front of people and they love it.

·       We will Create a twitter account for candidate

·       Tweets and retweets on each activity done by the candidate

·       Tweet details about the candidate like the work done in past , future works ,etc.

·       Increase followers through group, existing mails and specific tools for promoting it

·       Update regular tweets on daily basis so it should reach to maximum no of people over twitter

·       Keyword based tweets so it maximize the impact over twitter platform

·       Profile content writing so it should present well in front of people and they love it.


·         Hashtag trends and promotion so it maximizes reach towards people

·         Provide appropriate responses on comments so that candidate gains popularity.

·         Daily updates like day to day work, work for society, etc to socialize the account.

·       Account Setup or creation for the candidate and publish it.

·       We will create the pages for candidate and promote it so people can get a hold of it

·       Increase followers on account on a constant basis either by boosting it sharing it.

·       Images and videos posting so it should reach to maximum no of people

·       Provide paid promotions so it gets better views and more popularity and respect

·       Daily updates like day to day work,  work for society ,etc to socialize the account

·       Online surveys so that we can know what are the things that need to be fixed

·       Hashtag trends and promotion so it should have maximise reach towards people

·       Provide appropriate responses on comments so that candidate should gain popularity

Google +

·       We will help in Account setup and creation

·       Expert content writer will write applicable and appropriate posts

·       Increase google plus followers by simply boosting  and sharing

·       Regular posts on a daily basis on what are the things done what will be the future plan

·       Maintain Profile and updates on a regular basis so people can interact frequently

·       Google+ community Updates and sharing will help in maximize the impact

Youtube channel :

Setting up Youtube Channel And promoting it so that it can reach to maximum no of people

Meta-data Writing of each video and publish it on wall

Sharing and promoting of video so it can receive maximum numbers of likes

Channel tracking so we can see the consistent growth of the subscribers

Promotion of video on other social media platforms

Video editing and publishing

Paid promotion by means of youtube advertisement .


·       Quick chat responses for the telegram account of candidate

·       Group creation over this messaging app so the loyal followers can know what to do and what not

·       Growing follower base in india using this swadeshi app

·       Group and bulk messaging over messaging app using specialize tools


·       There are 390.1 million WhatsApp users in India

·       WhatsApp Group creation

·       WhatsApp bulk messaging

·       Sharing of posts and linked videos


·         Post regular updates about candidates.

·         Increase page followers by boosting it and posting with trends.

·         Candidate Page Creation and sharing it on different social media platforms so that people can get connected to the candidate.

Online Reputation Management

·         Track All On-going Campaigns Analytics For Better Results

·         Engage online Audience through Multiple Channels Distribution

·         Daily updates like day to day work, work for society, etc to socialize the account.

Reach Wider Voting Audience

·         Audience Creation For paid Promotions

·         Check Audience online Presence and engage them regularly.

·         Perform Online Survey that helps to turn-out Voters.

Know More About Social Media Role In Politics

Top Social Media Channels

·         Facebook

·         Twitter

·         WhatsApp

·         Instagram

·         Google+

·         LinkedIn

·         YouTube

·         Pinterest

·         Tumblr

·         Flickr

Why You Need Social Media?

We all know that social media is very important for campaigning because It is a very fast communication medium. The new trend is to reach out to the voters through social media. In order to reach more voters in less time, political parties are fast recording their presence on social media. Social media marketing helps to validate your brand. A firms social media presence, when done correctly, tells clients that their brand is active and focused on thriving conversation with consumers. Social media marketing has the power to increase clients loyalty. Social media gives you a chance to talk about what you know and what you want to be known for. Sharing your knowledge will attract potential professional and personal connections.

How does the media play a role in politics?

In India, the media play an important role in the campaign and election processes. In our Indian democracy, almost all citizens get the latest news and information from the media. Media gives the shape that we explain and inspect political information, such as election coverage and other political events. In fact, the media plays many different roles. We use all the media to inform us. Here, the media reports news and information for the general public. This is the most important role of the media in democracy because citizens play an important role in the political process and they should be informed to make educated political choices.

How can social media be used for election campaigns?

Social media can be used differently for campaigning. If a political party or politician wants to start his campaign on social media, they can also get help from a company. Or you can start your campaign by making an account on social media itself. For this, the politician will have to update the program information, rally, public meeting and public relations information on social media daily and connect with more people. We can also use the Social Media different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, google+, WhatsApp and LinkedIn for election campaigns.

What is the purpose of political campaign?

The main objective of the political campaign is to reach and influence voters by using many different means. This is an organized effort to get maximum votes. The primary purpose of the political campaign is to provide information about political parties. However, there has been a huge change in political campaign strategies over the past several decades. In the era of the 19th century, television elections played an important role in winning elections during the general election campaign. Politicians used the television commercial. Digital electoral campaigns are carefully planned. Specific campaigns are responsible for various aspects including fundraising for political campaigns, news on media, measurement of public opinion, travel arrangements etc. In the 21st century, politicians reach almost everywhere with the effective use of social media.

What do political parties do to win elections?

Political parties use various social media platforms to win elections. They start their campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and different ways. Political parties make good strategies for election campaigning and win elections. Political parties do an important work in government. They bring together people to gain control of the government, to develop policies favoring their interests or groups supporting them, and to persuade voters to organize and to elect their candidates.

How We do political campaign?

The important part of the electoral strategy is propaganda, so we can help you all through banner, poster, handbill, wall painting, hat, cutout, advertisement etc. to spread the campaign. Simultaneously, investigate the problems of the area; connecting people with various media such as Twitter, Watts-App Group, Facebook, SMS, Blog etc., draw people’s attention to you through bulk messages and make valuable contributions in your victory.

What is role of Media in Democracy?

Media plays an important role in shaping a healthy democracy. It is the backbone of democracy. The media provides us with information about various social, political and economic activities happening around the world. It is like a mirror, which attempts to show us the true and harsh realities of life. It reminds the leaders about their incomplete promises during the election. It forces politicians to fulfill their promises to stay in power. Along with this, Media also exposes deficiencies in democracy system.